We could see a new, third addition to the current crossings of the Menai Strait begin constuction by 2021.

There have been several proposals for a third Menai crossing to the isle of Anglesey. The aim of this is to alleviate traffic on the two bridges which cross the strait. The two existing bridges, the Menai suspension bridge which was constructed by famed engineer Thomas Telford, and the Britannia bridge, built by Robert Stevenson originally for railway usage, before being modified to also bare road traffic in the 20th century.

Congestion will be relieved by an additional bridge, making it much more accessible for those who needing to visit the island be it work or leisure.

It has also been claimed that a third bridge would raise Anglesey’s profile.

Menai Bridge, one of the two current crossings

Menai Bridge, one of the two current crossings

Plaid Cymru have been championing this plan, however they are dismayed that the Welsh Labour government hasn’t been proactive about this new change. These plans are catalysed by the plan of the Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Plant which is also an proposed development for the area.

“Current traffic congestion causes unnecessary misery for commuters on a daily basis and there are already concerns over the existing two bridges’ long-term resilience.”

A third bridge to the isle of Anglesey has been on the agenda for over a decade, however there has not been any serious progression.

The government has replied saying that they are procuring consultants to carry out a route selection study for a third Anglesey bridge across the strait.

Consultancy is slated to be hired this autumn, and a route survey taking place over 18 months. While it may not be immediate news, it certainly holds big things for the future of one of Britain’s favourite islands.

The isle of Anglesey has long since been a popular tourist destination for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle and inland life, for an anglesey coast holiday. Anglesey is famed for its awesome beaches and cliffs, it is also the planned location of the 2017 eisteddfod. This already famed isle is about to get even more attention!