Town to stay in: Rhosneigr


Winner of both a Rural Seaside Award and a Green Coast Award, Rhosneigr lies on Anglesey’s western shore. With its two broad, sandy beaches, Traeth Crigyll and Broad Beach (Traeth Llydan), it is a popular centre for all water sports.

It is also home to the Anglesey Golf Club, which is sited within a conservation area. There are also facilities for horse riding, tennis and bowling and it is a good location for sea and freshwater fishing.

There are two ancient burial centres nearby: Tŷ Newydd and Barclodiad y Gawres. Rhosneigr was once notorious for the wrecking of ships. The ‘Crigyll Wreckers’ would lure ships onto the nearbly rock and plunder the wrecks before help could arrive.

Rhosneigr is superb for walking on the beaches, with their rocky outcrops and dramatic sand dunes. There is a nature watching at nearby Llyn Maelog, a reed-fringed lake known for its bird life, in particular Great Crested Grebes, Little Grebes and various ducks. If walking to the lake, look out for the dune flowers. For a map of Rhosneigr, see the link below.

Ancient Monuments:

There are two ancient burial centres nearby: Tŷ Newydd and Barclodiad y Gawres . The latter (meaning ‘the giantess apronful’) is, as the name suggests, expansive and is recognised as one of the most important of Anglesey’s prehistoric sites. Within its passageways and chambers are several examples of prehistoric decorative art in the form of patterns carved into the stone walls and the passageway leading to the central chamber has been restored to what might have been its original condition.