The power firm Scottish Power has announced plans to upgrade their current set up, with the cables and stations reaching the end of service having been built in the 50s and 70s. The focus would be on reinforcing power lines to prevent power cuts in rural areas.

The firm would upgrade 62 miles of power cables as well as 30,000 substations between 2015 and 2023, improving services of 3.5 million customers in North and Mid Wales, central Scotland and Merseyside. The investment is around £5.2million and a part of a £2.6billion project to improve efficiency and reliability in parts of the network, £90million of this would be spent of recruitment and training of the 2,500 people needed o make these upgrades over the eight-year period of time.

Ofgem are to examine the plans to ensure the best value for customers, the decision will be made before November.

This investment will hopefully create lots of well paid, highly skilled jobs, and will work closely with educational establishments to create a new generation of engineers. The company will also double compensation given to customers who lose power for extended periods during 2015.

Any customers listed on the company’s priority services will automatically be provided with accommodation and food if they are without power for over 12 hours during severe weather.