Menai Bridge Community Heritage trust

Heritage in All of Anglesey

Welcome to, a community project to celebrate our two world famous bridges: Thomas Telford's Menai Suspension Bridge & Robert Stephenson's Britannia Bridge. Prosiect Menai is a community project to celebrate our two world famous bridges, the rich marine environment, outstanding natural beauty of the Straits, and the story of the people of this area through the last centuries.

The town of Menai Bridge stands on the banks of the Menai Strait in South East Anglesey. The original name for the town was Porthaethwy and this is still the name by which the town is known in Welsh. The name Porthaethwy derives from the Welsh 'porth' meaning a 'port' and 'dindaethwy' the name of a local tribe and means 'the port of the tribe of Dindaethwy'. The Bridges Exhibition: The recent construction works are complete, we will be opening as planned in Mid June, in the meantime continue to watch this space for any extra opening times. We are available for extra curricular visits, please contact us for details.