Outdoor Activities DayThere are few better places in the country to make you appreciate the great outdoors in Anglesey and this fantastic event looks just like cementing its reputation as a fantastic family occasion.

The venue is the Holyhead Breakwater Country Park: one of those fine places that truly encapsulates the feel and verve of a location such as Anglesey. As it boasts 106 acres of such wonderful scenery, it’s little wonder why the area captures the hearts and minds of so many.

Breakwater used to be a redundant quarry and looking at it now, you could imagine such a place of wonder could have ever resembled something so bland – although it made millions of tonnes of stone at one point.

What can you get up to here? Well, plenty with so much for all families to get stuck into. If you’re looking for a true bonding experience that’s far removed from sitting in front of the televisions, you will be at the right place this 16th of November.

Forget about the windy winter weather near the bluffs. If anything, it’ll make your time abseiling that little bit better! Children under 12 aren’t of age to try this activity but they could try their hand at something like geocaching instead.

Geocaching is abuzz in the orienteering world and is as simply described as “a technology treasure hunt” wherein you have to hunt down navigation devices with your very own. Not technically savvy? Then regular orienteering is available for your enjoyment also.

Elsewhere, dab hands at fishing will relish the activity being put on as well a chance to go climbing for those who like to flex their muscles. Round the day off perfectly with some Frisbee golf: a chaotic game for the whole family to go mad over.

Make sure you arrive between 11am and 3.30 p.m for a special day of outdoor fun that is completely free for everyone.