HandelAfter the recent successes of the Llandudno Choral Festival which was an extravaganza of musical entertainment, the Isle of Anglesey is all set to host its very own festival this December.

The version in Llandudno brought with it a lot of fun for the whole family with so many different acts competing to take the crown. From young to old, it was a fantastic weekend and is something that the Isle of Anglesey is looking to emulate.

On the 17th, expect plenty of superb performances from local talent who will be belting out some of Handel’s finest works at the Ucheldre centre starting from 7.30pm in the build-up to Christmas.

Being of German descent, George Frideric Handel found a new home in Britain and became famed for his baroque. Over the years, Handel became renowned for his expertise with operas, oratorios, organ concertos and anthems and went on to be a standard-bearer for the classical cause and is regarded as one of the greatest ever.

His Messiah work is to be revered and played by the choir on display at Ucheldre  under the guidance and expertise of Petra Lloyd Davies and accompanist Beth Roberts. Since 1741, Messiah has been one of his most beloved works and is commonly played throughout choirs across the world because of its complexity and rewarding nature.

Esteemed musician Llio Evans will be taking to the Soprano role with the tenor be expertly supplied by the brilliant Matthew Ioan Sims as Ross McInroy leads the bass. The performance is expected to last the distance with Handel’s Messiah coming in at a handsome 2 hours in length which is a challenge that the society will attempt with bravado.

If you’re in the mood for something classical then this fantastic event during the Christmas season is an absolute must and at £8 per person, there’s no reason not to attend.

“Handel by his own hand” by www.flickr.com/photos/billyreed

License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/