Happy AngleseyWhen the statistics were released showing that Anglesey was the happiest place to live in Wales, residents and visitors would doubtlessly not be shocked by the news.

There’s so much to Anglesey that gets the smile going and with such a brilliant range of activities, attractions and sights, you can’t help but feel a little jolly when you’re there. Combine this with a superb community spirit and you do indeed have all the ingredients for happiness all in one place.

Perhaps this summer’s glorious weather contributed to the results with the isle truly coming to life in the sun. With so many beaches, waters and amusements for kids and the whole family to get stuck into, it’s little wonder that everyone was beaming.

Based on scales of between 1 and 10, the figures collated from the people were resoundingly high with over a third of the residents measuring their life satisfaction and happiness at either a 9 or a 10 – they must be putting something special in the water!

But what is behind such optimism surrounding the region?

It’s simple. Anglesey truly is a beautiful place to be. There could be nothing more cathartic than taking a stroll along its rich, natural beaches or exploring its wonderful woodland. People often say they come to Anglesey for a break from it all and to clear their minds and it’s little wonder why.

Of course, the attractions play a big part and with things such as Anglesey Sea Zoo, The Anglesey Show, Pili Palas, surfing and windsurfing and many other activities to get involved in, it’s easy to see why so many people are taken by the historic isle.

A resident of Anglesey summed it up when she simply said: “The views, the peace, but most of all the people who live here are the best!” and she couldn’t be more right.