Grey SealAfter the announcement of the new nuclear power station in Anglesey being named “Wylfa Newydd”, the older plant has had surprise guest– although she may not have wanted to be there!

A grey seal was unfortunate to be swept along by fierce currents during high winds into cooling chambers at Cemaes Bay in an event which even made national news.. It’s uncommon but sometimes seals are dragged into the sea pipe into unfamiliar territory at the station.

However, thanks to a plucky team from the RSPCA, the seal was left unharmed by the ordeal but was only released after the group has checked her over. After she was cleared, the lucky animal was then released back into the wild at Cemlyn Bay.

Mike Pugh of the RSPCA had this to say on the seal’s grand adventure: “This kind of rescue happens from time to time and we’re grateful for the vigilance of power station staff. We’re really happy that this seal was unhurt by her adventure and we could return her safely to the sea.”

Perhaps the adventurous seal was off to see her cousins at Anglesey Sea Zoo?

With the sea lions being in high demand thanks to their amazing live displays, it could be possible that she just wanted to get a front-row seat. Although, she wouldn’t be in luck as the sea zoo is now closed for winter but will come back even better than ever in February after interior renovations.

The sea lions at the Anglesey Sea Zoo are just one of few attractions available at the adored venue with there being plenty for the whole family to really enjoy.

There are stingrays, jellyfish and all manner of sea life to amaze you with the invertebrates section being a new and much welcome addition to the aquatic family. A great day out is assured and you can relax in the superb café after you walk around this local treasure when it opens again.

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