Gottwood Go Anglesey

Anglesey is gearing up for a weekend of electronic music and freedom with this year’s Gottwood festival set to be the best yet.

For its 4th birthday Gottwood has got more good times and surprises installed than ever. Kicking off on the 21st of June, just in time for the Summer solstice.

Gaining a nice following over the years it’s been active with more coming every year through word of mouth and gaining a reputation as an amazing weekend in the woods.

Electronic music is constantly adapting and changing over time, and as a result we have very different kinds of music from the past and current day. Gottwood displays a healthy diverse range of electronic music.

The event is nestled away in a forest clearing within Carrelgwyd Woods, a beautiful and remote setting; Ideal for letting yourself go a bit wild.

Featuring art which decorates the woods, bringing new and independent artists to draw some incredible and original designs that is sure to brighten up your time here even more.
Whether you are a veteran festival goer or new to it all and just want to escape the world for a little while, then Gottwood is the place for you.

The festival has an interesting ‘The Wild Things’ theme, so expect to see tribal and animalistic outfits to add to the wild tone of the festival.

This year sees the likes of 2 Bad Mice, Ed Steele, The Scribes and Extrawelt. There is a multitude of acts, both underground rising artists and established producers producing some truly great music.

This year Gottwood is un-missable for any fan of electronic music, or even just wants to take a few days out and get lost in the woods.

(This event is for 18+ only)