dolphinsAs fun as that may sound to some, this event situated at Anglesey Sea Zoo does not involve a candlelit dinner with the ocean’s smartest animals. However, it could maybe even be more exciting!

Located on the isle itself, the Anglesey Sea Zoo is one of the best attractions in Anglesey and brings in thousands of visitors each year. Whether young or old, there are always plenty of people interested in seeing what this special place has to offer. This March, they can offer you a special day learning about dolphins at a Date with a Dolphin.

As part of National Science and Engineering Week, this aquarium will be holding many exciting activities that are as educational as they are enthralling for all ages. On March 15th, there’s only one place to be for some fun aquatic antics.

In conjunction with the amazing Sea Watch Foundation, this event invites participation from people of all ages and you and the family can enjoy intriguing talks and activities in the morning. You will be offered the chance to help Sea Watch in their important mission and while you’re quizzing them about that, don’t forget to ask the experts any burning questions you may have too.

Sea Watch are a UK-based group that dedicate themselves to the study and conservation of cetacean life. Whales, dolphins and porpoises are all under the watchful eye of this amazing group so if there’s anyone who will be able to give you all the information you need, it’ll be these experts. They have received many awards for their animal philanthropy over the years and campaign tirelessly to raise awareness.

Point Lynas is the location of the famous lighthouse and is also the spot where you can tuck into your picnic for the afternoon of this event. The area is always buzzing with wildlife and is known for providing one or two sights that you won’t find anywhere else but don’t forget to pack your binoculars!

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