The Menai strait separates the island of Anglesey (Ynys Mons) from mainland Wales. Within this strait there is a small island. It is named Ynys Dysillio; The Church Island. This is because the entirety of the island serves as the grounds of a small church. This is the Church of St. Tysillio The isle is only 2.7 acres in island

The church was constructed in the 15th century and is a favourite spot to visit in the local area. It is only accessible by a causeway which meets the Belgian promenade as you walk the Anglesey coastal path. Building a church on an island such as this ensures a peaceful place of prayer and worship, as well as a particularly tranquil environment.
The island is renowned for being incredibly pretty. This island reflects the local heritage as there are many Welsh language graves here. The highest point on the island is dedicated to the men who gave their lives during the world wars from the local area. This also provides a marvellous view of the Menai strait and its two bridges.6220053221_fc2c11b5a3_b

The island is also a surprising haven for some wildlife, having been the first site of little egrets breeding in Wales on a small islet just off Church Island’s shores.
Church Island is one of the area’s best kept secrets, despite its stunning beauty; it doesn’t attract too many villages so is yet a haven of quiet reflection.

The island is said to have been built by the Welsh saint St. Tysillio, although there is no record to prove that this was the case.14920137792_3d2279afce_k In fact, no one knows who built the church, or why. It is however generally accepted that this church was built to replace a previously existing chapel or church, so it has existed as a holy place for a very long time.
The island’s solitude within the waters means that it lacks electricity, despite this services are still held here and it is still very popular for weddings.

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