William and KateThe usually quiet town of Anglesey is having a big day in the news today with the possible return of the royals combined with the brilliant approval of a new Anglesey Leisure Park.

It only seems like yesterday that royalty was living on these beautiful shores and it may not be long until they’re seen in this delightful, windswept town again.

Price William and Princess Kate are reportedly due to move into Kensington Palace in the near future: a four-storey, 20-room apartment no less. This hasn’t stopped them from wanting to move back to their original love nest and who can blame them!

With such a romantic setting that was so close to The Duke of Cambridge’s passionate work with the Search and Rescue Force, there was almost no surprise that they stayed around for as long as they did and they couldn’t come to a better place for an early holiday for young Prince George.

People close to the Royals have claimed that they cannot stop “hankering” to return to their natural abode with the couple calling the region “their beloved Anglesey”. Their initial stay on the isle cost roughly £750 a month to rent (quite cheap considering!) but reports are flying around that they may be looking to take up permanent residence and even purchase a house there – quite the break from royal tradition.

During their original stay, the couple were prodigious in all they did with them giving so much back to the community and drawing a spotlight on the infamous isle which may not have been there before.

The people of Anglesey had also been conscientious in their efforts to make the couple feel at home in the area. No unnecessary attention was drawn to them and Kate was able to walk around the local Waitrose in Menai Bridge with little fuss. Surely this speaks volumes about the caring nature of the people of Anglesey and is something that must have attracted the royal couple back in 2010.

Whatever happens, the Anglesey community is sure to welcome the couple back and so will the whole of Wales.

“William and Kate” by www.flickr.com/photos/ludovicmauduit/

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