Attractions in Anglesey

Considered by the Anglesey surrounding area as the the principle location for a visit, now comes your chance to enjoy this idyllic resort. This collection of the town’s best attractions will serve for the ideal day out.

Anglesey has a great amount of breathtaking scenery and activities. The reason for the popularity of this magical place is it’s breathtaking visuals and proximity to some of the most amazing sites in the region.

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Pili Palas Butterfly Palace

Step into the magical world of a zoo in miniature. At Pili Palas - the butterflies, birds and minibeast centre on the Isle of Anglesey - you can enter a steamy environment full of lush vegetation, waterfalls and live butterflies flying around you....

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Menai Bridge Community Heritage trust

Welcome to, a community project to celebrate our two world famous bridges: Thomas Telford's Menai Suspension Bridge & Robert Stephenson's Britannia Bridge. Prosiect Menai is a community project to celebrate our ...

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Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle is the great unfinished masterpiece. Started in 1296, it was the last of the massive Edwardian fortresses of the 13th century to be built in North Wales, but money ran out before the fortifications reached their fall height. Beaum...

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