pencil and paperAs a place synonymous with fine art, it’s little wonder that the Isle of Anglesey is always filled with engaging exhibitions and events and the upcoming Anglesey Arts Forum looks set to continue that exact tradition.

Possibly the most famous artist to emerge from Anglesey is Sir Kyffin Williams: the undisputed king of capturing the beauty and essence of the Welsh landscape. His skills are so acclaimed that in some circles, he is viewed as the essential visual artist in Wales over the past century.

It’s no doubt that many artists at the forum will have been inspired by the work of Williams over his long and illustrious career and who knows, perhaps the new auteur of Welsh art will be discovered at this intriguing event which takes place at the Ucheldre Centre on the 29th of March until the 27th of April.

Situated in Holyhead, Ucheldre really is the foreword when it comes to the arts on the glorious isle and has seen many diverse acts and performers step through its doors over the years. From Opera to Pantomime and from Dance to fascinating exhibitions, Ucheldre has been thriving as one of the finest of its kind throughout the whole of Wales.

When its doors are opened for the hotly-anticipated Anglesey Arts Forum, you can expect to see at least one stunning piece by revered artists taking place in the Anglesey Art Weeks: Open Studios – one competition which is always as spectacular as it is closely contested.

Rather than just examining the works for yourself, you can in fact meet with the artists at Ucheldre and watch on as they work. It’s unlikely that you’ll find another event quite like this throughout North Wales that has quite the same pedigree.

Whether you’re by yourself or with the family, you can enjoy free entry to this fascinating event; showing that it is an occasion which is trying to give back to the community. Over the month period which the forum is taking place, it will be available from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 5pm and between 2pm and 5pm on Sundays.

Don’t miss out on your chance to see upcoming and established talent as Ucheldre is just a short drive off the A55 and into the centre of Holyhead.