anglesey walkThe Anglesey Walking and Outdoor Festival is taking place on the Island from May 25th to June 7th this year. The festival is welcoming absolutely anyone interested in Anglesey’s outdoors offerings in what will be a series of fantastic walks, events, tales and exploration adventures. From quaint coastal and rural villages, to the beaches, hills and mountains of Anglesey, there is plenty to check out as a part of the Anglesey Walking and Outdoor Festival 2013.

Explore the heritage of the island, along with the wildlife, wetlands and local nature reserves. New for 2013 is the offering of an Otter, Minks and Voles walk. The festival is set to include many family friendly events, walks accessible to everyone and an exciting programme for local schools. In addition, a weekend of challenges is planned beginning with the Holy Island Challenge, where you can walk, coasteer, cycle or kayak the Holy Island coast.

Enjoy anything from Anglesey Wildlife Walks all the way to the Full Monty – walking all 125 miles of the Coastal Footpath. Take a relaxing bus tour with Celticos and explore your roots or the history of the island. You can even take part in the 50k or 100k cycle route across Anglesey at your own pace – organised by Audax. There are also plenty of of lesser challenges, where you can try one of four shorter cycling routes, or wander the coast of Anglesey with GeoMon looking for fossils. You’ll learn loads about the geology of the island along with the dangerous coastline that cause many shipwrecks.

All the walks are guided by experienced and informative guides that will ensure that your enjoyment during the festival and several walks are on the Coastal Footpath and feature stunning scenery, flora and fauna with varied geological rock formations. The festival runs a large number of walks – all of which can be found here.