Anglesey Walking and Cycling FestivalIf you’ve been on the Isle of Anglesey over the past few days, you’ll do doubt be fully aware of the fantastic festival that’s taking place across the glorious location that celebrates all things walking and cycling.

As well as providing a source of exercise in some of the most picturesque locations of Anglesey, the festival is also a great excuse to dive into some of the island’s history and folklore, meaning it will be a perfect occasion for all the family!

Each guided walk varies in length and difficulty so there’s plenty of opportunity for people of all ages and skill levels. Many walkers have been taking part since the 17th of May already and many more will no doubt be eager to get in on the fun until the 1st of June when it ends.

The main attraction of the festival is a ‘Walkathon Challenge’ which is a serious challenge for those eager to take part. It covers the same length as a running marathon but –you guessed it- walking from A to B is the name of the game here. There’s plenty of excitement to be had in the full marathon at 26.2 miles or the shorter, half marathon at 13.1 miles.

If you’re a fan of two wheels then you can also enjoy the cycling equivalents which come in at either easy, moderate or difficult levels – the whole family coming together for an easy cycle around beautiful surroundings could be a brilliant chance to bond this weekend.

Another great draw of the event is that many walkers are able to spot rare and majestic birds along some of the routes and include guillemots, puffins, peregrines and choughs. You can also catch much more in the way of otters and squirrels during your ramble and it is the perfect excuse for you to reconnect with nature.

There are these activities and many, many more to look forward to at the Anglesey Walking and Cycling Festival so be sure to check out with just over a week left to go!