An Island of the Sea

It won’t surprise you to hear that the Isle of Anglesey has a rich yachting history dating back many years. And now many pleasure sailors like to journey around the Isle in an enjoyable and adventurous fashion.

With many famous beautiful rock formations and shoreside natural features to enjoy, along with potential docks and harbours that you can make use of along the way.

World-class Features

Anglesey is well known for being home to a number of gorgeous lighthouses, including Penmon, Dwynwen, and South Stack which are all a favourite of photographers. These would serve the important job of keeping the sea-safe for seafarers in the past, however now they are popular tourist destinations. While many people have seen it from land, only the privileged few will be able to take advantage of seeing these wonderful sights from the ocean-side.

The skerries are a group of islands which are close to Angelsey’s famous holy island, the stand like great monoliths over the crashing waves. They are a wonderful sight to behold in themselves.

The beautiful islet of Puffin island which is a home to a great many seabirds, including cormorants and – you guessed it – puffins, which is where the island gets its names. It’s a wonderful and natural place to sail past if you get the opportunity.

A Wild Paradise

Another reason why people like to go sailing in Anglesey is the abundance of wildlife, it is extremely likely that you will come across seals, porpoises or if you are very lucky – Dolphins.

The beautiful azure waters of the Menai Strait, which separates the proud

Isle of Anglesey from mainland Wales via a short strait of meters.

Sailing around Anglesey has been described by some as some of the most beautiful, scenic sailing that they have ever experienced, with such a wide variety of coast scenery, with an abundance of wildlife to boot- it really is the ideal place to visit if you have a boat.

It is an issue for many people that they do not own a boat but would still like to be able to experience a trip around a beautiful location like Anglesey. Well, you are in luck, because there exists a thing called yacht charter, this means that you are able to get used to a yacht on a pro-rata basis. This can be any type, size, man or unmanned, and most importantly anywhere in the world.