Anglesey Drama FestivalAfter the success of 2013’s annual festival highlighting emerging amateur talent, it should come as no surprise that it has been announced it will be re-commissioned for another year in 2014 as one of the activities in Anglesey in 2014 to look out for.

Roving drama enthusiasts may have caught some of the performances in March of this year and they undoubtedly had a great time. The fantastic reception has been the main component in its continual progress into an illustrious festival for the north of Wales.

It has been said that there isn’t enough commitment to helping young adults in the community but at the Anglesey Drama Festival, anyone with passion for the art is given a chance to soar – this year’s performers could very well go onto stardom! Equality is also a factor for the organisers with people of special needs capable of producing great performances which is a chance seldom found in most organisations. With the majority of organisers being strictly volunteers, it speaks volumes for the passion of Anglesey’s locals to give back to their community and amateur theatre.

The appeal of the event isn’t restricted to just Wales however as competitors from England, Ireland and others turn up for the chance to prove their acting chops – such a great advertisement for the local area in general.

Competition is fierce as the winner is declared on Sunday after the entrants give their all over two days of plenty of fine performances. Being in a close professional capacity with the Drama Association of Wales enhances the importance of the event with the victors going on to compete in the British All Winners in July – the very best in its field. With such an illustrious incentive, there’s sure to be one heck of a show.

This coming March, make sure you book yourself the hottest ticket in Anglesey for a great festival of drama.