An ever-popular brand in North Wales and with celebrities across the globe, Anglesey Sea AngleseySalt is looking to develop on its already impressive production.

Conducting its business in a travelling manner has worked well in the past for the company with its use of shipping containers and portable offices being highly-effective up to now but with increased demand, they’ve decided to invest on a hefty scale.

The ambition to build a special plant to house their operations has been part funded by the Coastal Communities Fund and the Welsh government’s economic growth allowance as well as a great investment on the part of Anglesey council – a fantastic reflection on the collective spirit and helpful nature of Anglesey.

£1.2 million is the figure required for development and Anglesey Sea Salt have proudly managed that. With clientele such as Tesco and celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, the chance to be involved with the growth of a local business and in turn, the local community, proved too irresistible for investors.

Though already previously granted permission to build, the company had opted to construct a visitor centre as well meaning that a further plan had to be forwarded. When you consider that Anglesey council graciously invested, there should be little reason why it won’t be a successful application. Co-owner David Lea-Wilson was optimistic when he said, “All the funding is in place now. We just need one more piece of the jigsaw, planning permission from Anglesey council.”

The firm exports an impressive 500,000 containers of sea salt each year to be distributed in countries all across the globe. This desirability has led to an amazing 6,000 visitors to their previous offices but with it being slightly unsuitable for the public, it could have housed many more with the proper venue.

A brilliant coup for the company and the area, expect this pioneering group to become bigger and better leading to positives for all things Anglesey.